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100% Natural New Zealand

Uncle John’s Raw Linseed Oil is a 100% natural oil, cold-pressed from Linseed grown on the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand.

Raw Linseed Oil has been used for generations to preserve and prevent deterioration of wood, and produce a stunning natural finish. Our Raw Linseed Oil helps to retain natural moisture and prevent cracking, as well as providing a protective waterproof barrier to the wood. It is ideal for use on cricket bats, outdoor furniture, chopping boards and more! 

Our Cold-Pressed Raw Linseed Oil is a product that we can trace back to the paddock it was grown from, that didn’t make it into our Premium Food Grade Flax Seed Oils. It is made with Love and Care like all our products, and was greatly used by it’s name sake Uncle John in all his wood working projects.

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Our customers love our products that much, we are consistently given 5 star reviews from wood workers, gardeners, sports people and home owners.

So why not find out for yourself why Uncle John’s is rated so highly.

100% NZ Pure, Traceable Flaxseed Oil and Flaxseed Meal​

Bio Oils is an international wholesale supplier of high-quality Flax Seed Oil and Flax Seed Meal to the Food, Dietary Supplement, Animal Health and Cosmetic Industries.

We produce some of the world’s finest Flax Seed Oil with perfected Cold Pressing Methods perfected from over 30 years of operation.

Working directly with our growers throughout Canterbury means our products are 100% Traceable, and 100% New Zealand.

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